• The UAS International Standard

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    The UAS International Standard Program

    Launched in collaboration with founding partners QBE Australia and The Nine Network, the UAS International Standard (UIS) represents a globally recognised solution through which the emerging RPAS sector will be able to mature and grow whilst ensuring the highest degree of safety and risk assurance relevant to the specific nature of various RPAS applications.
    The development of this world-first standard represents a key safety milestone for the general public, those engaging the services of unmanned systems as well as air carriers/passengers sharing the skies with the rapidly growing fleet of drones worldwide.

    Panel of Audited RPAS Operators

    Only operators that have been certified by local aviation regulatory authorities and audited against the UAS International Standard (UIS) will be made available to high-yielding clients through UAS International’s cloud-based database.
    Registered Drone/RPAS/UAS/UAV operators will be detailed and operational specifications, details of key personnel and safety audit reports will be listed. UASi clients/members are able to identify all registered operators according to the services offered across the six operational categories including asset inspection, mapping, monitoring/surveillance/security, photography,
    seeding/spraying, transportation and other specialist RPAS applications.

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    Safety Assurance For Clients/Members

    Compliance with the UAS International Standard (UIS) provides clients with the confidence and assurance that the RPAS operators meet the highest levels of safety and are compliant with all relevant legislative requirements.

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    Engagement Model

    External Clients / UASi Members

  • Agricultural Operations
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement
  • EMS
  • Media
  • Aerial Photography/Videography
  • Resource and mining
  • Environmental management
  • UAS International Program Office

  • Agreement between UASI and certified UAS Operators:
  • Conduct safety oversight and risk based audits
  • Review of operational personnel
  • Incident and occurrence reporting
  • Panel of Approved RPAS Operators

  • Database of regional, industry-specific, experience operators
  • Drones for various applications
  • Benefits to Members:
    Referral of specialist work for approved and compliant operators
  • Reduced insurance premiums for panel members
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