• Panel of Approved RPAS Operators

    Altitude Imaging

    Since October 2012, Altitude Imaging has been providing Australian Industry with a comprehensive commercial RPA service specialising in the provision of high resolution aerial solutions for a range of industry sectors. Altitude Imaging is one of Western Australia’s most experienced RPA service companies with a track record of over 2,000 incident-free commercial projects across city, suburban, rural and remote country locations. Based in Perth, Western Australia, their services include aerial photography, aerial video, aerial survey and mapping, aerial inspection and thermal imaging using a fleet of 11 specialised RPA systems.

    3FB Aerworx

    3FB Aerworx brings to RPA operations combined experience in the utilities industry, emergency services, environmental management, photography as well as film and television production. Their unique industry expertise provides an indispensable edge for the discerning client. Their safety, environmental and privacy considerations are at the forefront of all, ensuring peace of mind throughout all stages of operation. 3FB Aerworx’s dedicated team is constantly working to improve platforms, equipment and capabilities, ensuring ongoing provision of state of the art equipment that keeps them at the leading edge of the RPA field.

    Select Solutions

    Asset inspection industry leader, Select Solutions, is the first major service provider in the essential services sector to achieve CASA certification. Select Solutions has a long history providing services to infrastructure owners and operators across electricity, water and gas industries throughout all stages of data analysis, including technology solutions that capture, manage, and analyse asset condition and performance data.

    With a continuous program of work supported by 24 dedicated qualified operators, a fleet of 28 varied RPA types and a state of the art mobility and works management system, Select Solutions offers a range of services and turnkey solutions for distribution pole top inspection, transmission tower inspection, thermal imaging, above ground infrastructure and facilities inspection and telecommunication tower inspection.

    Australian UAV

    Australian UAV (AUAV) is an award-winning national scale drone service provider, focused on asset inspection as well as large area mapping and aerial survey. With a staff of qualified surveyors, inspectors, civil engineers, draftsmen, remote sensing experts, pilots, aircraft designers and software developers on staff they are able to successfully deliver even the most challenging aerial data projects. AUAV has the in-house capability to design and create custom drone systems as well as data analysis and presentation software solutions when needed, including their own inSite™ visual asset inspection and management platform.


    As a Registered Training Organisation, UAVAIR offers the highest level of professional Unmanned Aerial Systems Training available. UAVAIR focuses on delivering quality training solutions that provide its graduates with the core skills to operate RPA safely and effectively. Their Certificate III Aviation (Remote Pilot – Visual Line of Sight) ensures students graduate confident in their abilities to operate RPA for a growing range of commercial uses. UAVAIR delivers training to corporate, government and individuals across Australia.


    By combining modern aerospace technology with specialised software and data acquisition techniques, Aerolens Australia utilises innovative technology to enable positive change in the community. Their unique team is comprised of industry professionals with experiences in aviation flying (airline & military), aviation human factors, airline fleet & technical development, meteorology, remote sensing, and aeromedical consulting. This knowledge and expertise is further enhanced by strategic partnerships with specialist companies. Aerolens Australia is a commercial RPAS operator in Australia and the USA. It is the first Australian-owned company to hold a dual Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia) issued UOC and a Federal Aviation Authority (USA) 333 Exemption.

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