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    The UAS International Standard (UIS) is the first universal standard that encompasses all sectors of the unmanned aircraft industry and is aligned with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) guidelines released in March 2015.

    The UIS has been developed to ensure that all remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS or “Drones”) are operated safely and in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

    These new standards have been developed by safety experts in the field of RPAS certification and in consultation with the RPAS industry, aviation safety regulators and the aviation insurance sector.

    Conformance with the UAS International Standard provides users with the confidence and assurance that operators meet the highest levels of safety and are compliant with all relevant legislative requirements.

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    To be registered on the Panel of Approved Operators, a drone/RPAS/UAS/UAV operator will be audited by experienced and certified auditors to meet the UIS Standard. Only those RPAS operators that can demonstrate conformance to the UIS Standard and ongoing compliance with the UIS Code of Conduct will be registered on the Panel of Approved Operators.

    All UIS auditors are trained and accredited by Southpac Aerospace – an internationally acclaimed training organisation that specialises in aviation training courses in over 20 countries across four continents for over 15 years. Their RPAS Lead Auditor Certification Course is also a world first.

    To further distinguish an RPAS operator’s specialist field, UAS International has developed additional standards for specialist categories of operation which can be assessed in addition to the UIS audit for general RPAS operations.

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    The UAS International Standard Program has been based on the latest industry best-practices whilst also taking into consideration the specific requirements relevant to the scope of work for each potential client accessing the Panel of audited operators.

    Once approved on the Panel of Approved Operators, the RPAS operator will have conformed to the UIS Program and be able to assure their quality, professionalism, specialisation of services and implemented safety measures to undertake large-scale and complex RPAS assignments that are typical of our associated high-yielding clients.

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