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    UAS International provides consultancy services and support across all sectors of the unmanned aircraft system industry. Leveraging from the AvLaw Group of companies network across the Asia Pacific region UASI has recruited experienced aviation consultants dedicated exclusively to RPAS assignments. UASI specialists include former safety regulators, experienced pilots and aircraft maintenance specialists, commercial managers, academics and lawyers.

    The range of consultancy services UASI provide include RPAS certification, specific company risk assessments and task analysis, UAS training and preparation of operations manuals, drafting of agreements and all documentation required to support your organisation’s unmanned aircraft needs.


    UAS International in developing the world’s first truly international RPAS standard has a team of highly experienced and certified RPAS lead auditors. The UASI auditors have extensive auditing experience and meet the stringent auditor qualification requirements specified in the UAS International Standard. All UASI auditors have extensive aviation industry experience and have conducted safety and compliance audits, operational reviews and assessments throughout the world. The UASI team of auditors and consultants derive from all sectors of the aviation sector including former flight operations and airworthiness inspectors, air traffic controllers, military and the airlines.

    Are you currently operating RPAS? Do you plan on doing so in the future? Refer to the RPAS Operator Q&A which provides an overview of the benefits of taking part in the UASI Audit Program.


    UAS International have a team of experienced educational and training professionals who can provide training solutions for clients to ensure that RPAS operations are effectively and seamlessly integrated into their existing business systems. UASI training specialists include technical training specialists, formed high school teachers, university lectures and regulatory training specialists. UASI have developed training manuals, conducted training needs analysis, provided in-house training and produced online and e-training resources.

    UASI training specialists have full access to the resources of the AvLaw Group’s Training, Publication and Legal division that have been providing training solutions and support to all sectors of the aviation industry throughout the Asia Pacific region.

    UAS International is proud to have partnered with Southpac Aerospace, an internationally recognised registered training organisation that has been operating for over 15 years and provides specialist aviation training courses in over 20 countries. UAS International’s RPAS Lead Auditor Certification Course is a world first.


    With the vast diversity of unmanned aircraft applications, operational approvals and certification require extensive and specific knowledge. To prepare the requisite documentation to meet the RPAS certification requirements demand comprehensive understanding and the regulatory process and the technical legislative provisions. UASI have dedicated RPAS specialists, many of whom are former safety regulators who have worked with the National Aviation Authorities as flight operational and airworthiness inspectors.

    UASI has developed professional working relationships with regulatory authorities throughout the world including having Chaired RPAS Study Groups with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

    UASI can assist RPAS operators in preparing the relevant documentation needed to acquire certification from local regulators to fly RPAS commercially. UASI also develop safety cases and conduct risk assessments for operators seeking exemptions for operations outside standard conditions.


    In accordance with the UAS International Standard (UIS), UAS International have approved various law firms that specialise in providing legal advice and support to the RPAS industry. These law firms have been assessed and approved in accordance with the UIS requirements and are active participants in the unmanned aircraft sector. Because of the diverse nature of unmanned aircraft system applications there exist unique legal challenges that need to be professionally assessed and managed by competent and qualified legal professionals.

    All approved RPAS law firms work closely with UASI to ensure that all technical and operational issues are addressed and to provide clients with the assurance that all risks and liabilities have been mitigated to acceptable levels.


    UASI are proud to have partnered with QBE (the largest aviation insurer in Australasia) in the development of the UIS. QBE has been servicing the insurance needs of the aviation industry for over half a century and has been underwriting RPAS risks for more than ten years. QBE works closely with various stakeholders to the unmanned sector to develop insurance solutions across a broad range of risks to a sector that continues to demonstrate rapid growth.

    QBE has established a reputation over many years for advocating risk management, accident prevention and airmanship, one which will continue to mature in partnership with UASI.

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