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    ‘Fortunate’ no-one injured in Drone Crash – ATSB

    ‘Fortunate’ no-one injured in MCG drone crash during cricket world cup final, Australian Transport Safety Bureau says


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    Compliance with UAS International Standards may have avoided a control link interference Drone crash during the World Cup final at the MCG


    A drone crash during the world cup cricket final at the MCG earlier this year is believed to have been caused by interference from mobile phones and broadcast equipment, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) says.


    The drone was being used to film the final between Australia and New Zealand in March, when it crashed just south of the Rod Laver arena.


    The ATSB found radio frequency interference was the most likely cause of the crash, and that the possible effects of an increased volume of radio frequency traffic had not been considered (ABC NEWS 27 August 2015)

    How could this incident have been avoided?

    UAS International has developed the first global standard for UAV Operators. Included in this standard is a requirement for Operators to ensure the integrity of the radio control link (C2 link) between the UAV pilot and the UAV. This new Standard for UAV Operators includes up to 12 individual items that UAV Operators are required to address in relation to the C2 link in order to attain Registration with UAS International as an Approved Operator.

    For example one of the requirements relating to the C2 link in the Standard states: Due to the risk of interference of the C2 link, it is required that there be a means to test or confirm that no harmful Radio Frequency (RF) interference is present prior to and during flight; this requirement also applies to Visual Line of Site (VLOS) operations.

    The UASI Standard focuses on Safety Assurance and Risk Assessment to ensure the highest standard of operation of UAV’s by Operators. To attain Registration, Operators go through an audit or assessment process by highly experienced auditors. Once Operators attain Registration they will have their details listed on the UASI Register as an Approved operator.

    The UAS Standard Member Organisations can engage approved operators via the UASI database. This will greatly assist them in making informed decisions about which Operators to use for their assignments.

    This one-stop shop for drone users with the benefit of compliance with the UASI Standard will provide these organisations with assurance that they are using Operators who comply with a Global, International Civil Aviation based Standard for their operations.


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    It is the perfect marriage of Drone Operators with their customers whilst assuring the highest level of safety and reducing risk – so much so that Global Insurer QBE will reduce premiums for operators compliant with UASI standards.


    Further details can be found here:

    The UAS International Standard


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