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    3FB Aerworx – one of UASI’s founding Operators successfully completes renewal of registration as an Approved UAS Operator (AUO) after on-site audit against the latest UAS International Standard (UIS)

    3FB Aerworx, an established RPAS operator with specialist experience and capabilities within the utilities industry, emergency services, environmental management as well as film and television production, has become the latest Tier 2 (greater than 2kg, less than 150kg max. take-off weight) RPAS operator to conform to the UAS International Standards (UIS) and be registered as an Approved UAS Operator (AUO) under UAS International’s revamped audit program.

    Having successfully completed an audit and conformed with the latest UIS, 3FB Aerworx has continued its registration as one of the founding RPAS Operators under UASI’s program. 3FB Aerworx has re-registered onto the Panel of Approved UAS Operators as a launch RPAS operator under Phase 2 of the UIS – which now audits against specialist categories of RPAS operations.

    3FB Aerworx possesses an extensive history in RPAS operations and aligns itself as a leading RPAS operator to provide solutions to high-yielding clients in Australia. Through their registration, they demonstrate the calibre of quality assurance, expertise and professionalism that is required of an RPAS Operator to conform with the stringent requirements of the UIS program.

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