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    UAS International (UASI) is a highly respected international consultancy firm dedicated exclusively to the unmanned aircraft sector. The UASI Team includes world leading experts in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems together with highly experienced operational professionals and leading academics and lawyers specialising in unmanned systems. As a subsidiary of one of Asia Pacific’s leading international consultancy firms, UASI can leverage off the more than 100 major corporate and government clients to provide a one-stop solution for all their RPAS requirements.

    Clients include resource and mining companies, media and broadcasters, government agencies, aviation regulatory authorities and air traffic service providers. UASI can provide high level safety assurance and support across all your unmanned aircraft systems requirements.

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    The UAS International Standard

    The Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) International Standard is the first universal standard that encompasses all sectors of the unmanned aircraft industry.

    The UAS International Standard has been developed to ensure that all remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS or “Drones”) are operated safely and in accordance with internationally recognised standards.

    These new standards have been developed by safety experts in the field of UAS certification and in consultation with the UAS industry, aviation safety regulators and the aviation insurance sector.

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    Overview of our engagement

    The UAS International Standard has been developed based on the latest industry best-practices whilst also taking into consideration the specific requirements relevant to the scope of work for each potential client accessing the panel of audited operators.

    This allows for a tailored solution whereby only operators who meet all cirteria relevant to the clients’ needs are registered on the panel of audited UAS operators.

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