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    UAS International Standard launched

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Unveiled today with launch partners QBE Australia and the Nine Network Australia, The UASI Standard will help provide greater safety and risk assurance to the general public, while also offering risk comfort to anyone engaging the services of drones and unmanned systems and those sharing the skies with the rapidly growing fleet of drones worldwide.



    • UAS International Standard – developed by former Head of Safety at Qantas and Australia’s (CASA) International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) representative on the UAS standards panel, to become a baseline for organisations engaging drone services.


    • Compliant Drone operators will benefit through insurance premium reductions and public drone safety exposure will improve.


    • Customers engaging drones for commercial operations such as aerial photography, media operations, surveying, firefighting, surveillance or agricultural operations can have confidence due diligence has been carried out on approved operators.


    Further details including the full PRESS RELEASE can be found here

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