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    Air New Zealand affected again by recreational RPAS flying illegally within aerodrome airspace.

    It has been reported that an international Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200 on approach into Auckland on Sunday afternoon had a near-collision with an RPAS flying illegally in Auckland Airport’s controlled airspace. The crew feared that the drone had been ingested by the engines which would likely have resulted significant damage and a real threat to the safety of the passengers and crew whilst at the most critical stage of flight.

    This is the second time this month that an Air New Zealand has been affected by RPAS/drones flying in lose proximity to aerodromes where a previous flight was forced to divert and refuel at an alternate airport due to illegally operated drones flying in the vicinity of the airport.

    Article available here: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/aviation/air-new-zealand-plane-comes-frighteningly-close-to-being-brought-down-by-a-drone-over-auckland-ng-b88787624z

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